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Andreas Kling

Interviewed on
July 18, 2022 in Developer Linux

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Andreas Kling, founder of the [SerenityOS project][serenityos]. After finishing a drug rehab program in 2018, I decided to build a new operating system to keep myself busy and stay healthy. I put my code on GitHub and kept hacking away on it, and over time it grew into an active open source community with people from all around the world joining in.

Roughly 6 months into the project, I began recording videos of myself working on the system and posting them to my YouTube channel. I also started a tradition of putting out a monthly update video where I demo recent changes in SerenityOS. The YouTube channel has grown to a decent size (28,000 subscribers at the time of writing) and it's one of the main ways people learn about the operating system.

In May 2021, I quit my job to focus on SerenityOS full time.

What hardware(tools) and software do you use?

A while back, some very generous people on the /r/SerenityOS subreddit decided to build me a computer! They started sending me random parts from around the world until I had enough to assemble a full machine. That's the system I use today, although I've also added a dedicated GPU for faster video encoding.

CPU: [Intel i9-9900k][core-i9-9900k] PSU: [Seasonic 560W][x-series-560w] Cooling: [Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO liquid CPU cooler][hydro-series-h115i] Memory: 64GB DDR4 Hard drive: 240 GB SSD Keyboard: [Logitech K740 Illuminated keyboard][k740] Mouse: [Logitech M330 Silent Plus][m330-silent-plus] Graphics card: [NVIDIA RTX 2060][geforce-rtx-2060]

In my YouTube videos, I use a [Blue Yeti microphone][yeti] and a [Logitech C920 webcam][c920].

My main development machine runs [Ubuntu MATE][ubuntu-mate]. This is of course temporary until SerenityOS becomes the more comfortable option! :^)

For software development, I mainly use the [CLion][] [C++][c-plusplus] IDE from JetBrains, and [Neovim][] for other text editing. For video production and live streaming, I use [OBS Studio][obs-studio], [Kdenlive][], [Audacity][], and [GIMP][].

Outside of programming and video production, I do almost everything else in the browser, and I use multiple browsers daily (a habit I picked up for compatibility testing while working on [Apple Safari][safari].) At the moment I have [Microsoft Edge][edge.2], [Chromium][], [Firefox][] and [GNOME Web][gnome-web] installed.

What would be your dream/dream setup?

I'm super happy with my current hardware already - the main thing I would love to add is some physical space. We're looking for a larger (and cheaper) place right now. It would also be nice to have something elevated that my cat could sit on when she visits me at my desk.

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