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Interviewed on
January 17, 2023 in Designer Photographer

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Camila, i'm a designer and work with audiovisual. I live in São Paulo, Brazil and I like to take pictures as a hobby. Most of my photos are minimalist everyday things. I like to observe and see the beauty in the small details and in the people in such a big city. I work with freelance design and video editing, and lately even with video recording. I use my instagram and my pexels account to share the photos I take, you can find me on twitter also

What hardware(tools) and software do you use?

90% of my photos are taken with my smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, and I also have a canon T3 with an analogue 50mm. I edit and work with an acer notebook (aspire 3) with adobe programs, photoshop, illustrator and lightroom

What would be your dream/dream setup?

Equipment are very relative things, the camera and notebook of the moment today may be nothing tomorrow. So I'm not too attached to having the best things (of course, the better the equipment, the easier it is to work and get excellent results), you can extract the best from the equipment you have, whatever it is.

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