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Fidan Nazimqizi

Interviewed on
February 26, 2023 in Photographer Editor

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am a photographer, I work as a photographer and editor.The main thing that I want to achieve with the help of photography is to collect indelible memories. Because the most important thing in our lives is to capture our pleasant moments and what we see. How do artists create their work, using different colors? I'm looking at an photo. The harmony is what I see, the scale. Therefore, I want a lot and I try to go a lot. Even if I do such black and white photographs, the feelings that I want to pass on to them, the colors. Every photographer has to combine in himself a definite idea. Basically, I want to be able to give these sincere feelings of the past in their photos. Sometimes it seems to me that I do not belong to this time. I have to study even more old methods of alternative print photography and try to do it. I am from Baku, Azerbaijan. I study Cyanotype, an alternative process, and I do printing at my home laboratory. Also I do at the my home laboratory aged handmade prints with coffee on vintage papers. Cyanotype photography has a very deep place in my life. I believe that the reason for such a place is that it remains indelible in our memories. Even if a person is not alive, the photos he takes always remain in this life. Even if no one pays attention to them, there are always photos. I can live in my own world with cyanotype photos. It reminds me of any of my dreams with silhouettes, perhaps my fantasy world. I enjoy sharing this world with people from different parts of the world that I don't know anymore. The main thing for me is to look at any photo and think for a few minutes. The series I want to present is the Cyanotype series. For me, antiquity is the depiction of different colors and emotions. The reason I used this method was my search. I am very happy to spend my time on one photo and the photo is engraved directly on the paper in front of my eyes. The small house laboratory I have already built is a garden of my world of photography. This garden takes me to the past, to a great distance. I always research the lives and photos of classic photographers. I understand that each is very different. They have their own photos. I think this is the main condition - we must attribute our thoughts and feelings to photos. Probably for these reasons I do not like the new technology. Comfortable and accessible photos are far from me . You can follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Lomography, Behance, Pinterest, Light and Composition, Pexels. Checkout some of my shots-

What hardware and software do you use?

For the camera's, I am using Nikon D3100 35mm f/1.8, Yashica 35 GSN, Canon 85N, Kodak Star, Fujifilm JZ100

What would be your dream setup?

One of my dreams is to travel to different places to learn about their traditions and to travel to the most difficult places in the world to take photos.

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