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Josh Withers

Interviewed on
April 19, 2023 in Photographer Wedding Celebrant

Who are you, and what do you do?

I make things, mostly marriages and photographs. I make marriages in my role as a wedding celebrant, where I travel the globe breathing marriages to life inside epic weddings for adventurous people. My work in making photographs happens along the way, I think of it as 'how I feel the world'. I'm blessed that I don't have to make photos to put food in my kids' mouths so I get to make photos that I love then I get to share them with the world through my gallery, blog, Glass, and through Pexels and Unsplash.

My goal is to leave the world in a better place than I found it, and I truly believe that celebrating awesome marriages is a simple way to do that because awesome marriages make great families, which create great communities, communities which are part of great cities which make up awesome nations and a fantastic world.

Photos are also important to me because they capture moments in time. You get to spend as much time with a photo as you need to feel it. You can spend a second or an hour or a lifetime with a single frame, enjoying it, looking at it, feeling it, watching it. Photos are life.

All of my links at at but my main 'social media' source is my blog at which feeds out to Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Checkout some of my shots-


What hardware(tools) and software do you use?

My kit all fits in my camera bag, which starts with my 14' MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles Apple lets you check at checkout. An Amazon Kindle Scribe is my reading and scribbling device. My photo gear is simple, a Canon EOS R5 with a 35mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm set of RF lenses. A DJI Magic 3 Pro is my aerial camera of choice, plus my wife's little Fujifilm camera with a 27mm lens sits in my bag too because I'm a good husband. We carry disposable film cameras for fun as well, plus a Panic Playdate to while the hours away while we travel the globe.

What would be your dream/dream setup?

I'm pretty much using it. I live on the road so my MacBook Pro 14' with all the upgrades added is my dream machine. I've got the cameras I want to shoot with, I just wish I could get my Canon R5 in the air hanging off a DJI drone like the Sony Airpeak kind of offers. Audio gear is bulky so I've minimised myself to a single mic but if I had more luggage I'd use the Rode Podcaster II or the new Duo.

I'd just kill for good global internet access. Every carrier and every country makes it so hard!

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