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Rajat Sharma

Interviewed on
September 9, 2022 in Consultant Software Engineer

Who are you, and what do you do?

Technocrat hunting for new technology challenges everyday and craving to provide efficient, robust and scalable solutions. Believes that big change comes with small steps and little actions beat huge talks.

What hardware(tools) and software do you use?

I am currently using a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Four Thunderbolt 3 ports) as my primary development machine. Here are the software applications I have installed on it:

Software List:

VS Code: My go-to code editor for coding projects, with various extensions to enhance productivity.

ZSH: I use ZSH as my default shell for a more customizable and efficient command-line experience.

Notion: My all-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, and project management.

JIRA: Used for issue tracking and project management in software development.

Git: Version control system to manage my code repositories and collaborate with others.

Slack: For team communication and collaboration.

Zoom: Used for video conferencing and online meetings.

Insomnia: An API client for testing and debugging APIs.

Outlook: My email and calendar application for managing work-related communication.

This setup allows me to be productive and organized in my development and work tasks. Always remember to keep your software up to date and be cautious when downloading software from unofficial sources.

What would be your dream/dream setup?

for hardware and software, I think I have all I'd want, so my dream setup is more about the space. A studio space with ample room to work and play in!

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