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Utkarsh Shukla

Interviewed on
November 26, 2022 in Software Engineer Evangelist Photographer Writer Numismatics

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Utkarsh Shukla, host at Professionals Unplugged an explorer of life, a curious learner, and an evangelist of my passions. My multiple hats include a poet, photographer, magician, consultant, numismatist, and of course, a software engineer. I am a student of life who firmly believes in continuous learning and the phrase, 'Never Rest, Never Rust.'

One of my interests lies in human psychology, which I not only study but also apply in my magic tricks. If you're intrigued, connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about this side of me: LinkedIn.

As an evangelist, I have written more than 110+ blogs , including case studies and white papers, on various topics. Most of these are available on Medium, while some can be found on StatusNeo. I am a firm believer in the power of words and love to share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences with others.

My passion for photography has been a long-standing one, and I have been using it as a medium to capture life's precious moments. For Photography I use my Samsung S21 FE, before that I was using my Redmi Note 7pro and sometimes I also used my old skool nikon Coolpix camera. Both of them are having a good pair of lenses. Some of my photos were also featured at the Pexels with more than 70k views at the current time, I hope it will be over 100k by the time you are reading this. Check out a few of my shots at Pexels UtkarshShuklaPhotographer.

For poetry, you can visit my website UtkarshShuklaPoetry make sure to check the homepage to know my development skills and a complete overview.

Numismatics is a person who studies and collects coins or stamps, I have a collection of coins. Currently, I have more than 200 foreign coins with over 1000 different Indian coins as old as 1877 Checkout the ancient one from - UtkarshShuklaNumismatics

Lets' discuss something about Software Engineering also, I have more than 4+ years of industry experience, where I started my career with IoT83, there I learn a lot of things about Software Development and these things work. I also worked on IoT-based projects that help me a lot in my career. After that, I joined Statusneo where I explored the Evangelist side of mine. Here at Statusneo, I was allowed to give to the community by going open-source, which acted as a boost for my career.

From the technology point of view, I love system designing and have a great experience in python and Java, nowadays learning GraphQL and cloud technology. LinkedIn is something I used to use a lot but now it a kind of boring to me so I have an account there for the sake of LinkedIn. And yes I am also the developer of Nerdybio the platform where you are reading all this, Happy reading.

In conclusion, I am a person who loves to take on new challenges, learn new things, and pursue my passions. I believe that life is an adventure, and I am here to make the most of it.

What hardware(tools) and software do you use?

So for the hardware and software, right now I am having Macbook Pro(15inch) with 32 GB RAM and 8 core intel i9 processor, disclaimer: it is not my laptop given to me by my client. My laptop is HP Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.40 GHz it was bought in 2016 and it is still working so I don't think I need to change it as it is still alive. for the mobile I am currently using Samsung S21 fe because that fits in my budget so I purchased it.

Photography I generally do with my mobile only and for editing I use Adobe Lightroom and for uploads I prefer Pexels.

In terms of Software I generally use Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and someother grams maybe... For the professional purpose I am using Jira, Figma, Pycharm, Datagrip, Postman, Netbeans, Teams, Office365, Gsuites and many more.

What would be your dream/dream setup?

This is an interesting question, hmm hmm for the dream setup I can say a comfortable cabin with this screen and the best processor laptop maybe this one that doesn't hang and heat up early and a comfortable chair. With a light music background(piano preferred). And the speakers should be pleasing to the ear rather than painful to the ears. Marshall can work. For the mobile, I will prefer the best camera phone, which I think right now is Samsung S22 ultra... (sorry iPhone lovers out there). But ya for me it's not about the brand it's about the features and support provided by the brand. For the headphones let's choose Marshall again, I prefer over-ear headphones. A DSLR will be a good addition as I love to capture small little moments. An apple watch will be a good addition to capture the daily activities and keep a track of them. A collection of Sunglasses are must have, with a collection of watches too. Don't ask me about cars and bikes else you are gonna see a list of lamborghini and Ninja here. Sometimes working from the car will be a good idea, having all these things around will create a different vibe.

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